I just want you to know, I've been fighting to let you go

Three things that have been on my mind:

1. Now that I must dress like a real person certain days of the week for work, I try less hard slash not at all on all the other days... fail. I'm currently wearing sweatpants and a t shirt. This is a big deal for me. But now that the weather is changing, this attitude must change too. Inspiration: I love everything about this outfit.

2. You may hate One Direction, but you will change your mind after watching this adorable interview. Harry, I will speak French with you. Ecoute! Also oh Zayn. Btw my friend wrote her feelings about them here. There are so many great links on it if you ever just wanna lose yourself in the cuteness that is One Direction. She is seeing them in June (so jealous). And you think I'm obsessed?

3. I was really annoyed with the tv show Girls at first because there was absolutely no diversity (just like Friends and How I Met Your Mother... surely there is one non-white person in NYC?!) and the characters were entitled brats. But after watching the third episode, I find them much more relatable (I can't lie and say I have nothing in common with the post English major who can't find a job in NYC... I see my future clearly now). Also Allison Williams is gorgeous. Just stop it.

Post title from Just Want You to Know by Backstreet Boys. Yes, you read that right.

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Inhye said...

Just properly read this post. LOVED it, especially the part about our boys. XD (I also like how you labelled this post as "sexy," lol.)