I watched as the clouds began to part

I had a plant named Marzipan for a few months, but then it died. The plant looked nice against my green walls with all the maps and postcards and photographs. It sat on my desk where I sit and do homework and eat an inordinate amount of dark chocolate berries. My window is right next to my desk; it doesn't lock but it is often open, bringing air from the alleyway.

Last year at this time I slept in a red room filled with photos and antiques that weren't mine with a small window overlooking a garden. There was a table at the foot of my bed that displayed a train of small elephants. I would always knock the little one down by accident when I moved around the room in the morning, but it never broke.

I wonder what space I'll inhabit next year at this time.

Just some thoughts.

Photography by Kate Chausse and post title from Isaac by Bears Den.

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Claire said...

I like how you write things.