What to do, what to do

So I am in this perpetual state of freaking out about the future.  Hence why blogging has been at a lull.  When am I studying abroad, what should my future profession be, where should I live next year?  You know when you have dreamed about things so long, that you can't believe they may happen so soon?  I remember sitting in government class in high school, wishing to be anywhere but there, wishing to be grown up in a city with my own apartment... which would be next year.  Crazy.  Well I guess Evanston isn't quite the big city, but it is definitely a change from high school :)

So maybe my apartment won't look like this next year, but after I make bank in NYC (duh) in 10 years, it'll look something like the following.

(found here, here, and here)


Claire Watson said...

yes! and then we are going to through some super fun and classy dinner parties right? at least I will and you'll be invited!

Footie said...

I can't wait for this stuff to happen! Its so close but still feels so far!