Coffee and cupcakes

I should never be given a day off from work.  I end up spending more money than I earn.  I went out with the goal of buying converse, essential walking shoes for college.  Did I get them?  No. I decided that with that money, I could instead get really cute sandals and high heeled boots for winter.  Neither are practical, but both are just so darn cute :)

Now I would like to take this time to rave about this amazing cupcake place down the street.  This morning I had the best cupcake ever.  Boston Cream from Molly's Cupcakes.  I am not one for cupcakes normally, Sprinkles never did it for me.  But this place will change your stereotypes for cupcakes, I almost have to eat the cake part and the icing separate because the conflicting goodness in my mouth is just too much to handle at once.

Blurry picture by me (notice my attempt to copy Simply Breakfast haha)


mozz said...

Molly's Cupcakes are definitely thumb up! Good photo!!

IL said...

I'm sure Jennifer Causey would be proud, ahahaha.

We should totes go shoe shopping one day in Chicago! I seriously need some heels...and you can never have enough boots during the Chicago winters. Oh, and Converse rock. :)