At worst I feel bad for awhile, but then I just smile

So I just discovered this amazing blog, HelloGiggles, which happens to be cofounded by Zooey Deschanel, my woman crush.  Check it out yo.  Sometimes it's good to discover that I'm not the only super awkward person out there.  Some fabulous quotes I've stumbled on so far?

In getting ready for a party when you are feeling nervous and awkward: 

"Before the party, I recommend doing something that makes you feel even more beautiful and glamorous than you already are.  For my graduation party, that meant shaving my whole leg.  I'm talking both legs, not just the shin.  This party was a big deal, so I went all out!  I felt like a million bucks!  A smooth million, that is."  So true.

Who doesn't love being single?  But for those few seconds where you are frustrated that you don't have a Ryan Reynolds to call your own: 

"In conclusion, you are not a victim in the dating scene. I don’t care if it has been ten years since you’ve found love. In a world where Jennifer Aniston is the sad, unlovable girl who can’t get a man and she’s smoking hot with millions in the bank and the inventor of “The Rachel” haircut, you can easily see how hard it is out there to get it right. Take the pressure off yourself. There’s no rush. You’ve got this. You’re a pimp. You know all the words to every song in The Little Mermaid. Snap out of it."

But there is hope:

"Ryan Gosling is available. He’s often seen at 7-11 in the mornings and if he has low expectations for his coffee, it makes me feel like we all have a shot."  Yes.  Oh and who is excited to see him in Crazy, Stupid, Love?!  I cannot wait :)

Title from Smile by Lily Allen, photo by this elephant.

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