Don't think about the choices that you make

Some random life lessons I learned this quarter:

Light in August by William Faulkner is an amazing book. I have had moments of intense love and hatred for Faulkner. Mostly hatred.

The boys of 1D are so far removed from me, they can never let me down. Hence why I prefer them to reality. Except when Zayn possibly cheated on his girlfriend. That was a rough moment. I guess one can't be that beautiful without a few mishaps.

All you can eat sushi is dangerous. I should not order 15 roles and 7 appetizer between four people. I will feel sick, and I will find alternative ways to get rid of said sushi.

My hair cannot last for more than a day without washing, so please learn. I do not have the hair of Beyonce.

The best way to end the quarter is most definitely to have an impromptu dance party with my roommates.

I don't know how to cook. Have I had fruit this week? No. How many eggs have I had in the last three days? Way too many. And I don't even really like eggs.

There are a lot of things I hate about Texas. But there are also a lot of things I love about Texas. Like Friday Night Lights and my best friend from high school. She is beyond the coolest.

Winter quarter be gone. Nashville here I come :)

Post title from Landfill by Daughter. According to itunes, I have listened to this song 27 times this week.

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Claire said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Made my weekend. Now you should come to Williamsburg!