And use my head alongside my heart

So I have been going a little insane. I go through moments of intense excitement and then complete panic. I may or may not have a word document of all the things I must walk around and visit when in Paris, organized by arrondissement...

I will keep my few readers (I'm looking at you parents) updated though, on here and on my study abroad program blog.  This Fall I am excited to be blogging for IES, check out my first official post here!  Yes, it is pretty much an extension of my annoying ramblings from this blog.  Only this time I get paid doing it. Well not that much, but enough to stop at a few cafés in Paris :)

Photo of Paris from The Public Diary. Post title from I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons. I think we can all agree this song is amazing.

Ps can we talk about how great the boys of One Direction were at the Olympics? So so proud.

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