Thinking about tomorrow won't change how I feel today

Yesterday my friend and I checked out the new Topshop... one word: overpriced.  I thought the experience would be fun and uber artsy, but instead we just got overwhelmed and sad.  There was a 14 year old trying high heels on, when we couldn't even afford the rings!  So we went to Forever 21 and had much better luck there.

Inspiration for this week:

Why is she so cool.  The carelessly tucked in shirt, the messy hair... I just can't handle this.

My messy buns seldom have this much success.

It was warm today, I could've worn this.  Too bad, it will be cold from now on :(

This girl is uber stylin.  Btw I have those loafers, and I love them.  So much.

I love big sweaters.  This one and the one in the picture before would be perfect for rainy days.

I love this quote.  So well expressed!  

(Post title from Lessons Learned by Matt & Kim, who I am seeing Friday night!!!)


In Green Pastures said...

Topshop is indeed overpriced...even in Singapore (maybe even more so here). I can see so see you in the top outfit!

Claire Watson said...

you get to see Matt & Kim?! so jelly.

Footie said...

I love the first outfit. Matt and Kim NEXT Friday! haha

infinite said...

ahh where did you get those loafers? i'm dying looking for some. they're super cute :)

Kathryn said...

thanks! they are from dsw and so comfortable:

thanks for checking out my blog!