Awkward moments...

     My friend has been getting annoyed that the writing on my blog has been scarce lately.  Agreed.  But sometimes life gets busy?  Anywho I am checking out this coffee shop near the Bryn Mawr stop called The Coffee Studio in Andersonville (I'm meeting up with the sis later to make pizza for dinner... cute).  The trek down here was a struggle though.  Can I just say that the signs at the Loyola stop are uber confusing?  I went on the wrong side and frantically ran up and down the stairs to get to the other side before the train came, and of course I face planted on the stairs... so awkward.  The worst part was there was no one to laugh it off with me... oof.  Then trying to find this place was a challenge as well, fending off the creepy trick or treaters in their masks and odd garb.  Halloween has got to be the worst holiday.  But no worries, I am now calm and warm with a soft cookie and hot coffee.  Success.

     Last year at this time, I was still terrified of traveling alone slash using public transportation in general.  Now the el got nothin on me, other than the occasional face plant :)

This image is from here and reposted on my tumblr.

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Footie said...

Why did I not hear about this face plant earlier? hahahaha