It's gettin hot in here...

Little things that make me happy right now in this two week lull before college starts again: reading (I am actually reading said book in photo, Kafka on the Shore... funny),

high heels and highwaisted belts (to be honest my current fashion choices have not been at all this cute, more like shorts and t shirts, that is what too much time and tv on my hands does to me),

bright nails (doesn't just looking at this picture make you wanna jump into a pool and eat a watermelon?!),

being uber organized (did you know.... there is a blog solely dedicated to all things organized, my level of my excitement at this finding was scary and probably not mentally healthy).

This inspiring quote has nothing to do with above list of happy things, I just like it.  Happy last days of summer :)

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Footie said...

awwwwwww :)