Come with me my love to the sea

I am definitely in the romantic movie mood.  Two nights ago I saw Leap Year again, which was alright... If your going for a movie where you know the ending within the first 10 minutes, but want to watch it anyway because of Matthew Goode's good looks and beautiful Irish scenery, Leap Year is the movie for you.  Now if you want something slightly better, or a lot better, I recommend One Day.  If I cried in movies, I would definitely have let the tears fall in this one.  It is one of those movies where you need a good two hours to decompress what just happened (which was great, because I had to go to the dentist after, which gave me lots of contemplation time).  Between these two movies, I'm in a bit of a romantic mood.  On top of this, both movies (which I really should not be bringing similarities to these movies, since they were polar opposites on the romantic movie scale) were set in Europe, so I got that whole "man I wish I lived in Ireland/England/France/anywhere not here."  Its super annoying.  You know, the mood where you start planning your future wedding and your honeymoon in the Scottish countryside.  Don't worry, it'll pass, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with this cute wedding photo.

Title from Sea of Love by Cat Power

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ton ami (en Corée) said...

Ahhhh, yes!! Matthew Goode + Irish scenery = win (even if the rest of the movie is meh). Totes agree with the whole wanting to go to Europe thing. Junior abroad togezzer in Europe?? :D:D