Go Wildcats :)

Alumnus Stephen Colbert Addresses the Class of 2011 from Northwestern News on Vimeo.

Yes, Colbert was the commencement speaker this year for NU :)


mozz said...

I thought he was funny, genuine, and gave good advise (the part about how we serve what we love because service is love made visible). It makes one pause and wonder what it is that we truly love or how our service reflect what it is that truly captures our hearts. Good stuff!!

Kathryn said...

haha omg mozz :)

ton ami (en Corée) said...

He really is the coolest. I hope we get someone just as awesome for our commencement! :)

Btw, you should post more stuff. I check your blog everyday you know (in a totally, non-creepy way that is, lol). :D