And I would love to see that day, that day is mine

It has happened.  I finally bought a black blazer.  I know its really hot outside, and it makes no sense to wear a blazer in summer, but I'm just that excited!  I have decided that my discount this summer will go towards basics: the blazer, the white shirt, jeans that actually fit me, and shorts (that may seem like a lot, but without a plan, I would spend ALL the little money I earn).

These are from weheartit... aka I have no idea where they are from.  Title from Postcards from Italy by Beirut (which has nothing to do with blazers...)

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you know who this is :D said...

I wish there was a "like" button or something I could press.

Can't wait to see all the cute stuff you bought! I actually should probably buy a blazer closet's lacking in that department.