Happiness hit her like a bullet in the head

First of all I would like to say: I AM DONE WITH FIRST QUARTER OF COLLEGE!!! I return to Dallas tomorrow, aka no more frozen nose and ears, no more greasy food, no more smelly bathrooms for one whole month! In order to celebrate I will share about my greatest love, the 1940s:

I watched The Notebook again this weekend.  Wow.  I don't cry in movies... ever. but I get emotionally attached like none other.  Any sad movie set in the 1940s with Ryan Gosling is a winner.  Yes I love the cutesy parts (dancing in the street to Billie Holiday, ice cream all over the face blah blah blah) but my favorite part has got to be in the boat, when Noah intensely stares at her with the rain pouring down.  Wow Ryan, you are attractive.  And wow, I have got to stop.

Anywhoo switching subjects, so you know how I wrote about no t shirts to class? I have upheld that (except for one time... you better be happy Lauren, it was your Wash U t shirt that threw me off), and for the past three months my lovely roommate Abby and I have been wearing nicer tops, cardigans, and jeans every single weekday.  We literally pick out our outfits together, without her I would dress like a slob.  So with all that said, I am a huge fan of this simple outfit:

Have a lovely week!!!!

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