I am weary from the restless heart inside of me

Wednesday night I heard Fun. perform at Taste of Chicago, and they were excellent. It did make me miss my friend who is studying abroad in Greece this summer. We went to their concert last year, and my button got stuck on her sweater while we were dancing up and down in the mosh pit singing along, and we had to stop in the dancing to fix it. It was a funny moment, two girls struggling to untangle their clothes surrounded by enthusiastic jumping people.

However this Wednesday there was no mosh pit or sweat, but rather fresh air and the Chicago skyline, which ain't so bad if you ask me.

On our walk to the bus, I passed one of my favorite Chicago bloggers! We passed each other at an intersection, and I didn't realize why she was familiar until a block down. And then I freaked out. I think I scared my friend with my intensity of happiness and shock. I wish I said something, but oh well.

Anywhoo the girl I passed has the lovely fashion blog Avant Blargh. Do check it out, she is very classy.

Blog title from Hide Away by Ben Rector.

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