Both were climbing for a higher cause

Yesterday one of my friends performed in Millenium Park. Yeah that's right. I met up with some of my friends after their various internships and jobs to hang out and listen to some very odd music (I've never warmed up to electronic music). However it hit me that I really love these people. These talented intelligent kind people. Maybe it is being exhausted from work or getting a glimpse of what life after college is like that is bringing this on. But whatever it is, I have had the blessing to find people like me in college. People with whom I can have theological debates one minute and then joke around the next minute.  People with whom I can discuss the latest This American Life or the latest buzzfeed article. People who inspire me to write poetry and to watch Parks and Rec. People I admire.

I guess this first week of work has been a little overwhelming. But that's ok. I am happy to have another year to spend with people who know me so well before we go off into our different directions. Cause let's be honest, its really people that make life all the better sometimes.

Post title from Michicant by Bon Iver.

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