Tame the ghosts in my head

I was at dinner last weekend with some Northwestern students, talking about the joys of our university. And I realized something. Studying abroad in Paris is pretty great. A few weeks ago, I was feeling slightly lonely in Paris, annoyed with my inability to speak French and unsure what to do with this weird amount of free time I have. I kept thinking that I had to find activities and be busy all the time. But after rehashing about what life will be like when we return to real life, I got out of that kind of thinking real fast. I am quite enjoying this change of pace in Paris. Most definitely, I want to see my friends and family again, I really miss them. But the constant busyness, stress over internship applications, hours at the library, guilt after going out because you didn’t use that time to study, subconscious competition with your friends, waking up early on Saturday and Sunday to get homework done, freezing in that Chicago wind… I can do without.

When am I going to be in this situation where my grades don’t count, and I am in a beautiful city and close to so many other amazing cities? Probably never again. So I booked tickets to visit Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam for two extended weekends in November. I CANNOT WAIT. I am excited to stay in hostels again, meet random people, drink a healthy amount of course, and be a tourist :)

Post title from Lover's Eyes by Mumford & Sons.

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