I've been trying to do it right, I've been living a lonely life

This beautiful photography comes from Lovely Ember. My sister is coming over tomorrow! Maybe she can make me a classy meal like the photo above, which will be a break from my pasta and chicken nuggets. 

My apartment has recently become a youth hostel. Good thing about a queen size bed: you can sleep all over the place. Bad thing: you can't make people sleep on the couch... it's awkward, and they may think you are mean. But no worries, I was starting to get lonely in a room by myself. It is strange to be alone at night, almost creepy. I guess the benefits are that you get to dance and sing whenever you feel the urge. But I already did that anyway when I had a roommate. My roommate from last year is still in Evanston, and the guard at her apt building (yes they have a guard... what?) lets me in now without a hassle because he probably thinks I live there...

Post title from Ho Hey by The Lumineers. Such a cute song.

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mom said...

The blue chairs look like the ones we have at home but ours are tan. I'll save them for you! Love the pictures of the flowers. I think your sister is expecting you to make her a nice meal! Have fun!