Run deep, run wild

Oh Chicago.  This weekend I finally went to Wicker Park with my friend :)  I really like the neighborhood, although it was too darn cold to check everything out.  One great place we wandered into was Myopic Books, a lovely used-book store.  We had a light lunch at Forno (if you're wondering, the pizza was excellent) and attempted to shop at Steve Madden and Marc Jacobs, but then realized we had no money (I mean a $50 ring at Marc Jacobs?! no thanks).  Here are a few photos (taken by me) of the Milwaukee, Damen, North intersection downtown, my friend at lunch, and the bookstore.  Post title from I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.

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your friend said...

SO honored to be included in one of your blog posts. XD Next time we go to Wicker Park, we should check out that nitrogen ice cream place! lol