Let me be and let me live

I just snatched the window seats at Noble Tree, my favorite coffee shop in Chicago :)  Success.  The view is beautiful... I would much rather look out at snow covered streets then walk through it.

Anywhoo I've started reading Ulysses by James Joyce for one of my classes... and dang that book is dense. I feel like I'm reading an encyclopedia, but without the explanations.  But I get so much satisfaction in reading not because of Joyce's brilliance, but really because my copy of the book is so lovely.  It is a light blue hard cover with simple font.

Before you laugh at how silly I am for being obsessed with a book's appearance, check this girl out. She dressed up as her Ulysses book.  I admire her :)

That cover page is amazing. No one can argue with that.  Speaking of beautiful and simple graphic design, check out this movie poster for Never Let Me Go.  I love.

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