I saw sinners making music, I've dreamt of that sound

My happiness is really tied to the weather... I don't think you can quite understand a beautiful day, until you have spent a winter in Chicago or a summer in Dallas. Having experienced both these extremes this year, I can fully take in today. Can it be 56 and sunny more often?

Check out this beautiful home in Southwest France. In the words of Liz Lemon... I want to go to there. My dream is that once my sister and I make enough money down the road (haha), we and my parents can buy a home in the middle of nowhere, preferably the Northeast (even though France sounds lovely too...), where we can escape separately or together. I imagine it would look something like this home.

Post title from Walking Far from Home by Iron & Wine. I may have to rate this song up there with The Trapeze Swinger.


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If we're going to go international, I vote for an English country house!