One day

Fail on posting this month.  Oops.  This time tomorrow I shall be in Dallas with my parents :) I cannot wait to watch Downton Abbey with my mom and play chess with my dad!!  They are the cutest parents ever. To prepare myself for Texas I looked up the weather; the high for tomorrow is 68...  I cannot even fathom. I'm excited to put away my coat for a bit and break out the loafers.

Before going home, I took a few days to be in Chicago without school.  Yesterday I went to the Loop to shop for family Christmas presents, and of course I got lost.  If you're wondering, the 22 bus does not go up the same street that it goes down.  Struggle.  While I wondered around for 15 minutes and hyperventilated, I stalked everyone leaving their fancy jobs downtown.  I saw this one girl walk out of the Chicago Tribune Tower with her high heel boots and Marc Jacobs bag, and I just about passed out.  What a life.  Some fancier work wear that I hope to someday wear:

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mom said...

Great to have you home!! Did you know that Downton Abbey has been nominated for four Golden Globe awards?? We know a good show when we see one, don't we?

Lauren Monaco said...

that top shirt looks like mine!