I just haunt all that I've wanted and leave what I don't

This week has been slightly hectic, but there has been some exciting news:

1. I saw Matt & Kim and Lupe Fiasco last weekend... I love Kim.  She is so cool.  Like fo realz.

2. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is uber pretty.

3. It snowed today.

4. I get to see my mother tomorrow :)  We are going to shop and have high tea.

5.  And... I got a part time internship at a publishing company!  Woah.  Sometimes I pass out when I think about it.  Not really...  haha thank you mon amie!  Maybe this means I'm closer to one day working in publishing in NYC...?  Well if I did, this is what I would wear: from here and here.

Those are killer shoes.  Post title from Half Moon by Blind Pilot (I get to see them Sunday!!)


ton amie :) said...

De rien!!!! I'm super excited about working with you. We are SO on our way to becoming top publishers/editors in NYC!! :D

P.S. lol, I love that you linked to my tumblr, hahaha.

Claire Watson said...

i want those shoes!! and congrats on the internship!

mom said...

Delighted to see that our time together made the list of excitement of the week for you -- alongside such super exciting news as your publishing internship! I am so honored!

Betsey said...

Oh, congrats on your internship! Super exciting! And LOVE those outfits too!