We're gonna have a good day

I've got some super exciting news.  So take a look at these Seychelles shoes.  Cute, right?  Well what if I told you I found them ON SALE at Urban Outfitters today.  I'm talkin over half off man.  yep.  My friend always says I have a ton of impractical shoes, but I would argue that these are actually extremely practical... I mean look how many cute outfits one of my favorite bloggers put together with these shoes!  And they are comfortable... well sort of hehe


Meredith said...

Yay!! That is so exciting! And what a snag, considering they came from Urban Outfitters.

I need some impractical shoes. Drop by Dtown, stat, and help me shop. ;)

Arm said...

i wouldn't say those are impractical! they are so cute and so summer :)