All the things that make you lighter

This week, I am so lucky to be visiting Berlin and Prague with my friend from Northwestern. I cannot wait! This is my first time leaving Paris since arriving. This is kinda odd, but I am actually really looking forward to feeling no pressure to speak the language. Because I know no German or Czech. In Paris, I try to speak French, and I just get frustrated. For example, my host dad went on an hour long rant during dinner last week about the differences between the US and France. Clearly he liked one country better than the other. I had so many things to say; it reminded me of dinners at home, when my parents and I would talk for a long time after dinner. The only problem is that in this case, I couldn't form any sentences. By the time I had a thought and simplified my thought so I could find words to say it in French, my host dad had moved on to a new topic. So many struggles. All over the place.

Something I have officially realized. I can never fit in here. Not only for the above scenario  but also because there is no direct translation for the phrases, "I am confused," and "This is awkward." These two phrases define pretty much every moment of my life.  The closest French phrases literally translate to "I am embarrassed," and "I am not comfortable," which just doesn't cut it for me. I guess Parisians never really feel confused or awkward. Ugh of course they don't.

Anywho, please enjoy this pretty picture of Prague I found off of pinterest. I'm excited to take my own soon. My best friend from high school studied abroad in Prague this summer, so I've been reading up on all her notes! 

Post title from Girls Like You by The Naked and Famous. I love this song.

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