There's such a lot of world to see

Today I had four hours to kill, so I decided to take some time alone. This was the first adventure I have taken alone in Paris so far. I felt a little nervous not using this time to be social, but then Paris is a place where you learn how to be alone and discover yourself, right? Cheesy I know, but I took this thought as an excuse to wander. Of course while I wandered, I looked as stylish as the Parisian woman above. If only.

I started with some shopping. I didn't buy anything, but I sure was tempted. Then this guy started following me. I thought I was being paranoid, so I stopped at a window for quite a bit of time, and he was still there. Awkward. Then he tried to talk to me, and being the nervous person I am, I gave him the Parisian hand brush off and power walked to the nearest metro stop.

I decided to get off at a random stop on the way home, and I chose Tuileries. I walked through the Tuileries Garden, and stopped at a bench under a tree. I sat there for almost 30 minutes, listening to folk music, eating dark chocolate, and watching the rain. I then wandered to the Louvre and had a hard time breathing because it was so beautiful. I didn't know which direction to look. I didn't go into the museum, but I discovered yesterday that most museums are free for students, so I will be coming back. Once it gets too cold to do homework in gardens, I'll just go to museums :)

Tonight I'm having dinner on a boat on the Seine. What is life. La vie est belle, oui?

Post title from Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Photo from The Sartorialist.

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