Now I'm pointed north, hoping for the shore

So I turned 20 this weekend. Woah there. I am really happy to be this age. I'm old enough to be responsible. But young enough to be forgiven if not responsible ;)

It turned out to be a much better weekend than I expected. Some highlights: Skyping a friend I miss and haven't seen for so long. Being surprised by friends with cupcakes at the Tuileries Garden. Checking out the cutest English bookstore and later treating myself to Junot Díaz's new book. Dancing to old songs at an adorable Parisienne bar that night. Walking through the Palace of Versailles on Saturday and getting angry at their placement of modern art in the Hall of Mirrors. Eating cheese and drinking wine by a canal for dinner. Going to my first Parisien club and realizing that I like pop songs much better than electro. Taking the night bus for the first time. Going shopping in Le Marais and running into a parade of drunk and high teenagers. 

This city is pretty great. The only thing it needs is to-go coffee, and all would be perfect.

Photo from Tumblr, this is the bookstore in Paris that I can't stop thinking about. Post title from If I Had a Boat by James Vincent McMorrow.

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