We know that we want more

In less than 2 weeks I will be flying into Paris and traveling to Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Athens, Mykonos, and a few smaller cities during 20 days. With three of my close friends. And then after that spending three months in Paris. What the what.

I still have several questions and details that I'm attempting to work out before I leave:
Where does one store luggage for 20 days in Paris? Where does one buy a phone? How many shoes can one fit in a backpack for 20 days? (That last question is most likely not of dire importance.) What if we arrive too late in a city and the hostel is closed? I have already planned out a scenario where we take shifts staying awake outside so none of our bags get stolen. At least the weather will be warm. I worry.

I can't wait!

Post title from Disparate Youth by Santigold. Photos from Karla's Closet. This is Santorini, Greece. We are hoping to fit it in! Yes this is also where Lena meets Kostos in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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SAS said...

LENA AND KOSTOS!! yes yes yes! i hope you are having a fabulous time on your world travels!