What secrets do your bones hold?

Abuela, how did you pray before someone told you who your god should be?
How did you hold the earth in your hands and thank her for its fecundity?
Did the sea wash away your sadness?
How did you humble yourself before your architect?
Did your lower yourself to your knees or rock to the rhythm of ocean waves like I do?
Grandma, how did you pray ?
Some say faith is for the weak or small minded, but I search for your faith everywhere,
I need it to reassemble myself whole from these shards of Chicago ice and island breezes 
So I can rewrite the songs of your silence and pain,
Your lonely fists broken toothed smile and burdens into a medley of mantras.

- Faith Like Yours by Mayda del Valle

I love Descendancy and To All the Boys I've Loved Before. I've been listening to these on repeat. Some people are so so talented.

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