So keep your head up, keep your love

I had such a lovely weekend with Claire. We started our Saturday with pasteries from Bennison's and a trip to Belmont. We walked around, went to a few stores, and ate lunch at Deuce's up in Wrigleyville.  

My roommate from this past year joined us Kickstand Espresso Bar, a really cute coffee shop in Belmont. They have great red velvet cookies.

We then proceeded to get lost in a thrift store, where we happened upon this vintage women's magazine. Apparently skinny was not in fashion back in the day.

Then Claire and I headed down to Grant Park for an outdoor concert. We met up with my family and had classy drinks... in Winnie the Poo cups :) We then stressed on the el about making our tickets to The Dark Knight Rises back in Evanston. Wow was it good.

The next morning we got to see the view of Evanston from my friend's rooftop pool. We can pretend that I live in a city...

We spent some time Sunday walking through Chicago Cultural Center, with a lovely view of Grant Park and the Bean. I say she should visit every weekend :)

Post title from Stubborn Love by The Lumineers.