Meet me in Chicago

I am currently sitting in an empty hallway at my friend's apartment building. With my computer and a cupcake. The vent is blowing air directly at my head, and my feet are cold. This is the only place I can get internet at night without spending money. Sometimes I get desperate. But I have really exciting news:

My best friend from home is coming tomorrow! I can't wait. I even cleaned the bathroom cause I'm so excited.

Some fun facts:

We used to sit down in our high school elevator after school and have deep life chats. Sometimes we threw in a few curse words...

She has the most comfortable bed ever. 

After seeing Like Crazy, we listened to Dead Hearts by Stars on repeat during the car ride back.

She has a blog too, which you should check out. She also has a tumblr that I would like to live at.

This weekend is going to be so so fun; there are so many places in Chicago I must show her. Let's get it started :) 

Photos of Chicago from this tumblr. Post title from the song Chicago by Mat Kearney.

I love this spot.


Madeleine said...

I know what you mean about cleaning the bathroom for guests haha. G/B visited me this weekend and I cleaned the bathroom only because I like them a lot. I hope you had such a lovely city weekend!

Claire said...

so honored. i miss our elevator chats. also such a fun weekend!