I've been looking for a fight

To my four readers: I apologize for my sporadic posting. Two weeks ago I was all excited about posting every weekday to get it into my summer. Then I realized I had no internet. And then I also realized that posting at work is nearly impossible. Who knew one actually works during work? I am going to Milwaukee for the weekend, just for fun. So I leave this post with you in order to wish you a happy weekend :) And also because there is a cute guy in the coffee shop, and I needed an excuse to be here longer just to notice my surroundings...

I also find this picture beautiful. Dark skin and bright colors... so beautiful. Yes I understand that I am just posting something I pinned. But sometimes you are just out of fresh ideas.

Song title from The Riot's Gone by Santigold. I am obsessed this song. I have listened to it over 25 times this week. You think I'm joking.

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