And I know I could be more clever

What a day. Technically I enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal at Cafe Spiaggia downtown, then bought two pairs of boots at Topshop.... BUT:

It is restaurant week (so cheaper prices on fine dining), and the boots were over 80% off... we walked into the store simply to use the bathroom, and the manager decided to reduce all the boots on a whim right when we were passing by. Excellent timing.

Yeah life is good.

Anywhoo I have almost wrapped up my class reading for the quarter aka I can read whatever I want!! And I am only taking classes part time next quarter and will have longish commutes to the city during the week, so I will be reading so so much. Yes. Check out this photography by Juliette Tang. She takes photos of life and literature.

Post title from Out on the Town by Fun.