Food and all that jazz

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Currently I am supposed to clean up the kitchen and help make sweet potatoes... but I found watching Colbert and updating my blog was a much better course of action.  Here are some reasons why Thanksgiving is so great for a college student:

1.  Waking up late and not making myself presentable until the actual meal.  My movement from 10-5 is walking from the kitchen to the table and back in my pjs.  Nothing like a good workout before the turkey.

2.  Not being available.  I can't do homework, check my email, or respond to any texts... why? because I am so busy of course.

3.  Having all the benefits of Christmas without any of the responsibilities.  Food, happiness, and none of the worry that that book I freaked out over because it totally matched your personality will only receive the fake half-hearted smile of "you have awful taste, and I'm just going to store this in my closet and pretend this never happened."  I just want you to like me gosh darn it.

4.  Eating without extreme worry of weight gain.  I already gained 10 pounds this year, what's another five?  I kid.  Only a little.

5.  Experiencing pride at finding the perfect outfit that is both flattering and extremely loose in the waist.  

6.  Finding fun ways to dodge the awkward questions.  

Q:  Dating any of those college boys?  
A: No, why do you ask?  (This method puts the asker in an awkward situation, where they quickly go into an in depth analysis why it is bad to date in college.  Just smile and nod.  Relish in the awkwardness).

Q:  Why are you majoring in English?  Surely there are more practical studies.   
A:  You are right.  I only plan on working in coffee shops with my English degree.  You are dumb.  (This last line can be omitted.  Really the best way to get around this is to focus the attention on them.  What was their major?  Most likely it was without soul (ex: econ), or just as "unpractical" as yours (ex: theater).  Sorry if  I have offended your major (sorry parents!  But it only goes to show that despite undergrad majors, you can still keep your soul and be successful).

I may leaving out a few reasons why Thanksgiving is so great, like the thankfulness part and all that gushiness, but this should get you started.

Have a lovely turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, cornbread, sweet potatoes, green beans, and apple pie day!

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Inhye said...

Puhahahaha, I LOVE this post. Why are you so witty? XD

Happy Thanksgiving mon ami! :)

In Green Pastures said...

Delightful post! Happy holidays from an economics major with a soul!

infinite said...

haha i LOVE this. it must be a foreign-parent thing. i keep having to dodge questions about what on earth im going to do with my political science degree (um, what CANT i do with it?), if i like any boys and will get married soon (no, grandma) and the progressive egyptians's thoughts on female financial independence. lol.