Now, as the air grows cold, the trees unfold

I have some very important advice for you right now.  Never wear a dress in Chicago.  Because when you are strolling down Michigan Ave with your Forever 21 bag in one hand and popcorn in the other, the wind can easily catch you off guard.  Flashing foreigners and natives alike in Chicago is never a lovely experience.  Chicago is a great city, but that would have to be the one thing I'd change, the wind.  Oh that and the annoying people who talk to you on the street... no I do not have a minute to talk about my hair or starving children or gay rights.  That does not mean I am insensitive, it just means I am walking because I have to get somewhere dang it so leave me alone.  I just love people.

Despite that little rant, I love Chicago.  Or rather, big city life.  I just returned to Dallas for a month before returning to college.  It is hot.  Ew.  I never felt completely at home in Dallas for the entire nine years I lived there, and I know after college I won't come back.  Sure Dallas is a great city, but after living in a city with public transportation, I realize Texas does not match my personality.  I'd say the feeling is similar to that moment after you eat your first Molly's cupcake.  Once you try it, everything else doesn't quite taste as good :)

The title is from Vagabond by Beirut, I am obsessed. Photo from here.

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