An Ode (of sorts) to Singapore

Let's talk about Singapore.  I found this blog, This is Naive, that has some pretty awesome photos of Sing.  I haven't gone in two years, and whenever I went I was always super bored and overheated, but there are some things I miss for sure.  First off here are some photos of the beautiful hotel where my parents had their engagement party back in the day :)

Oh and we cannot forget the food.  Oh the food.  I spent 20 minutes going through all these photos with my mouth watering.  If you must go to Singapore for one reason, it is the food.  Let's start with kopi and desserts.

Side note to my mother... can you make Pandan cake again? thanks :)

Ok now lets get into the real food. Oh my goodness I'm so hungry.

Ok I promise I'm done now.  Last question to my mother, after you make Pandan cake, can you please make me some Hainanese chicken rice?  Ooof.


In Green Pastures said...

I made Pandan cake two weeks ago when we had friends over for some SE Asian food. Too bad you weren't home! And I understand, your sister made Hainanese chicken rice some time last week! Too bad you weren't in St. Louis to enjoy it with her! But fret not, I'll send you some pandan cake, and when I see you, I'll be sure to make you chicken rice!

Love the pictures of the Raffles Hotel! We need to take you on another trip to Singapore!

Love you loads,

Lauren Monaco said...

OMG I LOVE IT! i just made chicken rice...yummy! i can make it when for you when i go to chicago!