It's plain now this is all me, now this is all me

So… its official.  I am spending this summer in Chicago!  Wow.  Is this happening?  To get my excitement up for these four months of bliss, here are some plans I’ve made for myself.  This summer, I will:

Try my hand at interior decorating

Tan, tan, tan

Run.  I know, I always say this.  But for realz.

Read that long list of books that I promised myself I’d finish but never did (you ain’t got nothing on me, Brothers K)

Buy some cute clothes from my Gap discount (yep I can finally buy those cute flats)

Finally get over my fear of wearing heels

Explore the city and discover cute coffee shops

Finish how I met your mother (please get married Ted, its been 6 seasons…) and maybe start on Skins (no judgment)

Take lots of pictures and update this thing.  or just go the beach.

Get up early (no really) and make breakfast

Figure out my life.  English? International Studies? Oh so confusing.

Be on my own.

And of course… be all artsy and shit ;)

btdubs I don’t use bad words that often, but it seemed fitting
also I got the photos from weheartit, so let me know if you know the sources


In Green Pastures said...

Wonderful collection of pictures to go with your captions. I especially like the running, confused, breakfast and beach captions and pics!!

Madeleine said...

i love the running picture! it sounds like you have an awesome summer ahead! but sad (for the dallasites) that you won't be here. you will be living quite the glamorous life!

Ellie said...

You inspire me to to want to get over my fear of living all on my own and of wearing heels too! Also, How I Met Your Mother is an AWESOME show!

Love all your posts Toast and Nutella!

The other Ellie said...

This is the most inspirational post! It is so cute and the things on this list can really happen! Now I know why you want to stay in Chicago this summer...this makes it all make sense! Love all the subtitles. Now go and check things off your list :) its going to be a fun summer!