An Ode (of sorts) to Singapore

Let's talk about Singapore.  I found this blog, This is Naive, that has some pretty awesome photos of Sing.  I haven't gone in two years, and whenever I went I was always super bored and overheated, but there are some things I miss for sure.  First off here are some photos of the beautiful hotel where my parents had their engagement party back in the day :)

Oh and we cannot forget the food.  Oh the food.  I spent 20 minutes going through all these photos with my mouth watering.  If you must go to Singapore for one reason, it is the food.  Let's start with kopi and desserts.

Side note to my mother... can you make Pandan cake again? thanks :)

Ok now lets get into the real food. Oh my goodness I'm so hungry.

Ok I promise I'm done now.  Last question to my mother, after you make Pandan cake, can you please make me some Hainanese chicken rice?  Ooof.

Sleeping for years, pick through what is left

Don't you love these scarves? They are from this lovely lookbook.  It has yet to be warm here in Chicago.  Ugh, I don't know if I can take much longer.  More involved posts to come, what a crazy week and weekend its been!

Also I've decided I should probably start crediting the songs that my blog titles come from. haha oops.  (Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers)

Things have gotten closer to the sun

Oh my goodness, I think I'm in love.  I happened upon this blog called Atlantic-Pacific, and this girl is so stylish!  I couldn't decide which outfits to post because I am obsessed with them all.  I especially love her attention to details with her accessories and layers.  Can I be her please?

It's plain now this is all me, now this is all me

So… its official.  I am spending this summer in Chicago!  Wow.  Is this happening?  To get my excitement up for these four months of bliss, here are some plans I’ve made for myself.  This summer, I will:

Try my hand at interior decorating

Tan, tan, tan

Run.  I know, I always say this.  But for realz.

Read that long list of books that I promised myself I’d finish but never did (you ain’t got nothing on me, Brothers K)

Buy some cute clothes from my Gap discount (yep I can finally buy those cute flats)

Finally get over my fear of wearing heels

Explore the city and discover cute coffee shops

Finish how I met your mother (please get married Ted, its been 6 seasons…) and maybe start on Skins (no judgment)

Take lots of pictures and update this thing.  or just go the beach.

Get up early (no really) and make breakfast

Figure out my life.  English? International Studies? Oh so confusing.

Be on my own.

And of course… be all artsy and shit ;)

btdubs I don’t use bad words that often, but it seemed fitting
also I got the photos from weheartit, so let me know if you know the sources